International Tree Nursery Business


The majority of projects in the world that depend upon trees as a fundamental input suffer from an endemic lack of investment in the beginning of the value chain: there are no sources of high quality seedlings on a meaningful scale. Yet the quality of seedlings is the highest leverage point for creating value.


Tree Global is an international nursery service, created to provide High Performance Seedlings to large scale projects focused on agriculture, environmental restoration, sustainable timber and biomass / biofuel production. We offer:

High Performance Seedlings

We use cutting-edge nursery infrastructure and growing methodologies to produce seedlings that greatly improve the performance - survival rates, growth rates and time to first yield - of trees and shrubs.


We establish nurseries on site to grow trees for large scale projects.

Seedling Management

We support clients with seedling management services, such as outplanting supervision, as required.


Engaging Tree Global in your project will:

  • Increase the economic value of the project
  • Increase the environmental value of the project
  • Decrease project risks
  • Provide convenience and reliability