Tree Global’s services generate economic, environmental and social impact.



Economic Impact

graphs_verticalTree Global enables its customers to maximize their financial returns. Our methodologies can increase the yield per tree while also decreasing the time to first harvest. When implemented on a larger scale, this translates into a significant increase in cash flow and much higher return on investment.

Higher Average Yields
High performance trees produce higher average crop yields.

Shorter Time to First Yield
High performance trees produce their first crops much earlier. For slow-yielding crops this can mean years earlier.

Higher Survival Rates
Stronger, higher quality trees survive better after outplanting, significantly reducing the costs of replanting.

Cultivate Marginal Land
High performance trees can grow successfully on marginal land, increasing land use.








Environmental Impact

Native Species
Our process works on all tree species, allowing customers to work with combinations of varieties of native species to restore natural ecosystems.

Speed of Restoration
High performance trees grow faster and reach maturity quicker, restoring forests more quickly.

Higher Survival Rates
Stronger, higher quality trees survive better after outplanting, increasing the environmental impact of the area reforested.

The picture shows community representatives and Tree Global staff at a planting ceremony in Ghana.


Social Impact

Tree Global strives to maximize social impact in addition to its economic and environmental benefits. Some of the ways we create positive social impact include:

Local Employment
TG employs significant numbers of local staff in each operation.

Skills development
TG invests in training and learning opportunities for its employees.

Income creation
TG’s tree production helps to create income-generating downstream industries related to tree products. For example, our Community Distribution Nurseries operate as locally-owned businesses.

Food supply
TG provides quality seedlings to local communities, which helps to increase their food supply.

The photo shows a locally-owned “Community Distribution Nursery” – one of the ways in which Tree Global creates local businesses and stimulates economic development.


Meeting the commercial and environmental demand for trees is about more than just high quality seedlings, it’s about the capability to grow the kinds of trees you need, when and where you need them. Whether you are looking to improve survival rates, increase crop yields, or maximize carbon capture, Tree Global can help you achieve your desired results.