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Tree Global has developed a strong track record in agricultural and environmental projects in Asia and Africa.


Our-Work-01Tree Global is focused on high value agricultural and environmental tree crops in Southeast Asia and West Africa. The majority of the tree crops in the world such as rubber and cocoa suffer from an endemic lack of investment in the beginning of the value chain: there are no sources of high quality seedlings on a meaningful scale. Yet, the quality of seedlings is the highest leverage point for creating value.

Our work in cocoa highlights how we address this critical gap in the value chain. In West Africa, we are working with Mondelez International (the world’s largest chocolate producer) and other members of the World Cocoa Foundation to supply cocoa farmers with top quality cocoa plants and shade trees. In order to do so, we work with our partners to:

1. Grow High Performance Cocoa Seedlings using the best available genetic materials and advanced growing systems;

2. Design and implement Distribution Systems to get plants to farmers in rural and remote areas;

3. Identify and secure Sustainable Financing to help meet the demand for better planting materials.

The photo shows a comparison of 4-month old cocoa plants from the same seed source: On the left, a plant from a conventional nursery; on the right, a plant from Tree Global’s nursery, showing a significant difference.

Please click on the link below to see a flyover video of our nursery facility in Tafo, Ghana:



Honourable Fiifi Fiaivi Kwetey, Minister for Food & Agriculture,
Republic of Ghana, June 2015




High Performance Cocoa Seedlings

In cocoa, we receive seed pods from the relevant Government bodies. By applying Tree Global growing systems, we are able to optimize the growth of our plants. In 2015, our cocoa seedlings average double the height, double the caliper and a greater than 20% increase in survival rates in comparison to seedlings grown in conventional systems using the same genetic materials.

We also grow a selection of economic shade trees to help improve farm productivity and generate alternative sources of income.






Distribution Systems

In Ghana, to ensure that cocoa farmers receive plants when they need them and where they need them, we have created a distribution system of Community Distribution Nurseries (CDN). The CDN operate as locally-owned businesses, responsible for managing relations with cocoa farmers and ensuring needs are met. By operating as a business, the CDN are able to create sustainable employment in rural areas and generate income for community priority projects.

Our Work 03

Illustration of the Tree Global Community Distribution Nursery system in Ghana.


Our Work 04

A Tree Global Community Distribution Nursery operating in partnership with a Mondelez Cocoa Life Cooperative.

Sustainable Financing

In Ghana, with a partner NGO (MEDA – Mennonite Economic Development Associates), Tree Global has helped to secure more than $10 million in grant financing from the Government of Canada to improve the livelihoods of tree crop farmers in priority tree crops.

This is just one example of how Tree Global nurseries and High Performance Seedlings open up new opportunities for agricultural and environmental financing. Tree Global works with our partners to identify, prioritize and secure sustainable financing opportunities.


Tree Global Cocoa Nursery

Tree Global Cocoa Nursery