What We Do


We create value from trees for our clients, in two ways:

  • No other nursery growing techniques can offer the economic and environmental advantages of Tree Global’s High Performance Seedlings
  • We make life easy for our customers by taking care of all aspects of nursery management and production


Tree Global:

 Establishes Tree Nurseries

We establish and manage tree nurseries on or near our customers’ planting sites to deliver High Performance Seedlings to projects requiring at least 1 million seedlings per year.

 Grows High Performance Trees

We apply proprietary nurturing techniques during the early growth of the tree seedling, which allows the tree to achieve its natural potential much faster and more consistently.

Our system:

• Uses an all-natural process that does not involve genetic modification
• Works effectively on all tree species

Through our projects in environmental restoration (Mongolia) and agriculture (Southeast Asia and West Africa), we have demonstrated that High Performance Seedlings help our customers achieve their goals much more quickly and cost effectively.

 Supports Clients in Tree Management

Tree Global offers advisory and management services to assist our clients in tree management, including:

• Site assessment and planning
• Outplanting supervision or management
• Tree protection and on-site care advice
• Training of staff on tree planting and management techniques

Clients can be:

• Commercial Plantations
• Farmer Cooperatives
• Governments
• Biomass Plantations
• Companies and Organizations interested in Conservation and Environmental Protection