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What We Do

Tree Global builds the infrastructure and production systems to grow and deliver High Performance Tree Seedlings for large scale agroforestry and landscape restoration projects. We offer project management services where required.

High performance tree seedlings.

The quality of seedlings planted is the single biggest driver of tree performance and tree crop productivity.  Through a mix of technological innovation and enhanced growing techniques, Tree Global High Performance Tree Seedlings have stronger root systems which drive improved performance in the field.  Our seedlings grow to faster and more robustly compared to identical seedlings grown in conventional systems over the same time period, and our seedlings have significantly higher survival rates when planted.  As a result, clients achieve faster return on investment, faster recovery of income for smallholder farmers, and increased economic returns for clients.

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Seedling production at scale.

We build state-of-the-art nurseries near to project locations to grow up to 20 million seedlings per facility per year. This large scale allows us to grow High Performance Tree Seedlings efficiently and cost effectively.

We grow our seedlings in reusable and biodegradable pots thereby eliminating the plastic polybag waste generated by conventional nursery systems.

Distribution systems.

To ensure a project’s success, seedlings must be delivered to where they are needed on time and in good condition. We optimize the design of our transportation systems to ensure our trees are delivered in top condition. We work in advance with our customers to plan deliveries at times that suit them and to ensure a smooth delivery process.

​Where appropriate, we help local entrepreneurs to establish rural distribution centers through which they manage the delivery of our seedlings to local smallholders. The entrepreneurs increase their incomes while ensuring personal service and support is provided to the end customers.


Landscape restoration services.

We supply seedlings for and can assist with the management of landscape restoration projects, helping to reclaim degraded lands and restore ecological habitats and biodiversity.  We have experience in landscape restoration across a variety of environments, including wetlands, grasslands, forests, and deserts.

Demonstrated results.

See how Ghanaian cocoa farmers are benefiting from Tree Global high performance tree seedlings.

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