Driving gains in tree crop productivity and restoration.


Tree Global is an international tree nursery and restoration company with extensive experience operating in Africa and Asia. Tree Global develops and deploys advanced growing system to drive the performance of tree seedlings – survival rates, growth rates, time to first yield and full yield per hectare.

We develop on-the-ground partnerships with governments, companies and investors to develop the nursery infrastructure and capacities to enable our clients to achieve successful project outcomes.


Innovative growing techniques and full project management.


Ever since its establishment in 2000, Tree Global has earned a reputation for being the leading international tree nursery service. 

No other nursery growing techniques can offer the economic and environmental advantages of Tree Global’s High Performance Seedlings.  We make life easy for our customers by taking care of all aspects of nursery management and production.


Social and environmental impact, at scale.


We believe that if you can grow trees better than anyone else and build the systems to deploy nurseries to serve large customers in developing countries, then you have a very scalable, profitable business with a huge positive social and environmental impact.


Demonstrated results.

See how Ghanaian cocoa farmers are benefiting from Tree Global high performance tree seedlings.




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