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The Tree Global team combines technical, business, and project management experience to create enormous value in international environment, agriculture, and green energy markets. 

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Founder & CEO

Gregory Hess

Greg's career is defined by innovation and persistence to solve social challenges. He began his career managing United Nations emergency relief operations during the war in Bosnia where he led cutting-edge projects to integrate peacebuilding strategies into humanitarian operations. He went on to create a management services company to work on the most pressing international development challenges across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Projects included re-establishing the food supply system in Iraq, advising on peace processes in Afghanistan and strengthening medical supply chains in Africa. Seeking to develop a high social impact business, he co-founded Tree Global 10 years ago to produce High Performance Tree Seedlings to drive

improvements in restoration and agroforestry outcomes in developing countries. He is a Canadian national, resident in Geneva, Switzerland. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard University and a Master’s Degree in International Development from Yale University.

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