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Our Vision

Tree Global is at the forefront of the fight against climate change, biodiversity loss and global inequality.

Seedling Production at Scale

Carbon dioxide removal

We are uniquely positioned to be a market leader in Carbon Dioxide Removal through nature-based solutions.


When successful, we will have a meaningful positive impact on the reversal of climate change, the preservation and restoration of critical ecosystems and biodiversity, and the sustainable economic development of rural communities and developing countries.

Ecosystem restoration

Our vision is to develop, finance and implement the largest ecosystem restoration projects in the world. 


We have the capacity, capabilities, and tenacity to develop and manage end-to-end projects from initial site assessment and selection, to producing High Performance Tree Seedlings, to growing and maintaining forests for maximum sustainability and impact.

High Performance Tree Seedlings

Large-scale, meaningful impact

Operating at scale, we deliver much-needed infrastructure and technology in rural areas of the developing world, we create thousands of valuable jobs, and we help our host governments and communities to generate sustainable economic growth.​

Distribution Systems

Our Partners

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