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Tree Global is at the forefront of the fight against climate change, biodiversity loss and global inequality.

Seedling Production at Scale

Who we are

We are a company with an ambition to develop, finance and implement the largest and best-in-class ecosystem restoration projects worldwide.

With a 13-year track record in nursery operations and forest restoration across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, we are uniquely positioned to be a market leader in Carbon Dioxide Removal through Nature-Based Solutions.

What we do

We develop and manage sustainable end-to-end Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation (ARR) projects. 

In partnership with host governments and communities, we employ a rigorous project development process to identify large suitable project sites, secure financing for the restoration of degraded areas, and build and operate industrial scale nurseries that produce High Performance Tree Seedlings. We recruit and develop local teams to establish, maintain and monitor forests for the long term, and oversee the equitable distribution and monetization of carbon credits to governments and communities.

High Performance Tree Seedlings

Why it matters

Our projects are not just about trees - they are about creating meaningful, positive impact. We are conserving and restoring forest ecosystems to combat climate change, protect and enhance biodiversity, and catalyse sustainable economic development.

Our operations at scale enable us to capture millions of tons of carbon dioxide, accelerate the return of native fauna and flora, generate significant revenues for governments and communities, and contribute to much-needed rural infrastructure, technology and job creation.

Distribution Systems

Our Partners

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